Est. 2018
Your coffee adventure is here.

How Hendy’s Coffee Box Works

They Roast

Our roasting partners hand pick a coffee to be roasted specifically for you.

We Ship

We bag your coffee in one of our Hendy’s Coffee Box within 24 hours of being roasted, write your name on the box (so nobody steals it), and send it your way.

You Enjoy

You drink coffee however you want! French Press, Cold Brew, grind the beans extra fine and use it in a cooking recipie (it’s a thing!), the possibilities are endless!

We have to ask:

Why Arizona Coffee?

Arizona has a crazy unique coffee culture. Arizona Coffee grew from roots deeply seeded in their Wild West history. The unforgiving heat of the Sonoran Desert taught the earliest coffee roasters how to survive in the hottest conditions, a skill they used to perfect their roasting methods. They knew water doesn’t get wasted in the desert. So if it’s going to be spent on a cup of coffee, it better be the best cup of coffee in the world.

We started a monthly subscription box out of our love for these Arizona roasters because we want coffee lovers from around the country to experience them and know who they are.

Meet our Founder:


Our founder, Sam Henderson, started his coffee career while backpacking Southeast Asia in his early 20’s. He fell in love with the coffee culture in Chiang Mai, and decided he was going to dedicate his life to sharing that love with the world.

After coming back to the states, he got as job at a local coffee shop in Scottsdale, eventually launching Hendy’s Coffee Box, partnering with the best roasters in Arizona. And he’s still in the trenches! He still holds the head roasting position at the same shop he first started in years ago, and is constantly in different coffee shops talking to baristas, roasters, and owners to keep his finger on the pulse of coffee culture.

Coming Soon Late 2022


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