We Believe in different coffee.

Every roastery has its own unique personality. Some are quiet, local places along the bike path by the park, roasting for the local shop next to it. Some are the big industrial operations downtown roasting thousands of pounds for it’s chain of shops around the city. But every roastery is different. And that’s what we love.

We started a monthly subscription box out of our love for these small roasters because we want people to experience them and know who they are. Come on an adventure with us as we discover the roasters that love their coffee as much we do.

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We’re selling Hendy’s T-shirts to help kickstart our launch! These shirts are soft, and we mean crazy soft. Super soft. Like “warm cup of coffee in the morning makes your soul feel good” kind of soft. Plus, every shirt comes with a Hendy’s Coffee sticker! For free! You can’t opt out of it! We ordered way too many and now have enough stickers to last the next few years!

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