We Believe in Arizona Coffee.

Arizona has a unique coffee culture. Unlike what you find in other coffee cultures around the country, Arizona Coffee grew from roots deeply seeded in our Wild West history. Picture Cowboys drinking coffee around a campfire in your head. The unforgiving heat of the Sonoran Desert taught the earliest coffee roasters how to survive in the hottest conditions, a skill they used to perfect their roasting methods. Along with that, they learned quickly that in the desert- water can't be wasted. So if it's going to be spent on a cup of coffee, it better be the best cup of coffee in the world.

We started a monthly subscription box out of our love for these Arizona roasters because we want coffee lovers from around the country to experience them and know who they are. Come on an adventure with us through the Roasters of Arizona.

How Hendy’s Coffee Box Works

Our hand-picked coffee partners roast a batch just for you.

The fresh batch of beans is then packaged in a Hendy’s Coffee Box and is sent straight to your door.

You get to sit back and enjoy the coffee however you like!

Pour Over, French Press, planting in your neighbor’s yard, however!

Want to help support us but don’t drink coffee? We have shirts!


Our Hendy’s T-shirts are absolutely amazing. These are soft, and we mean crazy soft. Super soft. Like “warm cup of coffee hot chocolate?(we are conscious of your non-coffee drinking habits) in the morning makes your soul feel good” kind of soft.

Plus, every shirt comes with a Hendy’s Coffee sticker! For free! You can’t opt-out of it! We ordered way too many and now have enough stickers to last the next few years!

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