Your local coffee shop is a home for people to come together. It?s a home where a student can work on homework. It?s a home where two friends can catch up after years of not seeing each other. It?s where the barista knows your name and what your drink is. It?s a high school student?s first job. It?s the dream come true of a mom and dad who put all of their savings and risked it all on starting a cafe. This is the heart of a local coffee shop.

Or rather, WAS the heart of a local coffee shop. In the wake of the Coronavirus, what once made your local shop a destination has now become a reason to stay away. And that?s tough on both coffee shop regulars and coffee shop workers.

Most coffee shops are trying to adapt to the changing climate of what?s happening with quarantined life and social distancing. Some are doing curbside takeout, some shops have an app to order from, and some roasters will even get in their personal cars and deliver to wherever you are. That?s where we come in.

#SupportLocalCoffeeAZ was started by coffee lovers who want to help keep our local shops alive during this time. We get it, it?s a lot easier to go through the drive through of a big-chain coffee company, or buy a bag of beans from the grocery store since you?re there anyway fighting some random person over the last box of pasta. However, think of your local shop instead. Buy beans from a roaster. Get your morning latte from the small place down the street you?ve never been to.

Support our local coffee, use the constantly growing list below to help you with your coffee needs.

Novela Coffee Roasters

Instagram: @NovelaCoffee

Free personal delivery to anyone in Phoenix

Press Coffee

8 Locations across Phoenix and Scottsdale

Free Shipping on all orders, and use their app to order curbside

Village Coffee Roastery

8120 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Hours: 6AM-1PM

Curbside for food, drinks, and beans